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Burning Bright

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abolishing gender, activism, anarchism, anarchy, androgyny, anime, anthropology, anti-capitalism, anti-war, architecture, art, artificial intelligence, atheism, bisexuality, boycotting lj sponsors, cats, civil rights, collaboration, common lisp, computers, copyleft, creative writing, creativity, crimethink, cryptography, culture, david bowie, debian, deutsch, direct action, douglas hofstadter, e.e. cummings, electronic frontier foundation, emacs, emma goldman, equal rights, equality, esperanto, fanfiction, feminism, free culture, free software, free speech, freedom, functional programming, gang of four, garbage, gender, gender abolition, gender identity, gender outlaws, gender roles, genderfuck, genderqueer, george orwell, german, gnu, gnu/linux, homosexuality, human rights, hypermedia, hypertext, identity, independence, japanese, kate bornstein, klaus nomi, knowledge, languages, latin, lgbt, libertarian communism, libertarian socialism, linguistics, linux, literature, lord of the rings, mathematics, metatext, mikhail bakunin, monty python, music, mythology, nihongo, noam chomsky, online communities, organic food, oscar wilde, pansexuality, peace, peter kropotkin, philip k. dick, poetic terrorism, poetry, politics, pomegranates, progressive rock, psychology, punk, queer, queer theory, rage against the machine, religion, revolution, scheme, science fiction, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, skepticism, social change, social software, socialism, sociology, spanish civil war, sylvia plath, taoism, tea, thinking, transfeminism, transgender, transhumanism, trust, tunes project, vegetarianism, weblogs, wiki, wikis, william blake, writing, xanadu